Baturraden Geothermal Working Area (GWA)

NAME Baturraden Geothermal Working Area (GWA)
LOCATION Mount. Slamet, Central Java Province
LAT -7.239161
LONG 109.2200012

PT Sejahtera Alam Energy (SAE) is a geothermal developer that will build PLTP Baturraden about 220 MW.

The project area extends beyond the five regencies of Banyumas, Purbalingga, Tegal, Brebes and Pemalang.

PT. Sejahtera Alam Energy is a subsidiary of STEAG PE GmbH (Germany).


Summary of the Project :



Project Name

Baturraden Geothermal Working Area (GWA)

Project Description

Development of Baturraden Geothermal Working Area (GWA) Mount. Slamet – Central Java Province

Company Name

PT Sejahtera Alam Energy

Main Office

Dea Tower 1, 3rd Fl., Suite 302 Jl. Mega Kuningan Barat Kav. E4.3 No. 1-2 Jakarta Selatan 12950 – Indonesia

Geothermal Location

Baturraden –  Mount. Slamet, Central Java, Indonesia

Transmission Line

Connected to Bumiayu Substation



S. K. Menhukham

AHU-12059.AH.01.01. Year 2011

Company's Deed

No.05 Tgl. 02 March 2011

Company Registration Certificate Tgl. 21 November 2011

Taxpayer Registration Number - 01 April 2012


SK. Menteri ESDM No.4577 K/30/MEM/2015

YEAR 2017
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