Baturraden Geothermal Working Area (GWA)

NAME Baturraden Geothermal Working Area (GWA)
LOCATION Mount. Slamet, Central Java Province
LAT -7.239161
LONG 109.2200012

PT Sejahtera Alam Energy (SAE) is a geothermal developer that will build PLTP Baturraden about 220 MW.

The project area extends beyond the five regencies of Banyumas, Purbalingga, Tegal, Brebes and Pemalang.

PT. Sejahtera Alam Energy shareholders consist of STEAG PE GmbH (Germany) and PT. Trinergy (Indonesia).


Summary of the Project :



Project Name

Baturraden Geothermal Working Area (GWA)

Project Description

Development of Baturraden Geothermal Working Area (GWA) Mount. Slamet – Central Java Province

Company Name

PT Sejahtera Alam Energy

Main Office

Gedung Tambang d/h Wisma Eka Karma Jln Kapten Tendean 15  Jakarta, Indonesia

Geothermal Location

Baturraden –  Mount. Slamet, Central Java, Indonesia

Transmission Line

Connected to Bumiayu Substation


STEAG GmbH (75%) and PT Trinergy (25%)

S. K. Menhukham

AHU-12059.AH.01.01. Year 2011

Company's Deed

No.05 Tgl. 02 March 2011

Company Registration Certificate Tgl. 21 November 2011

Taxpayer Registration Number - 01 April 2012


SK. Menteri ESDM No.4577 K/30/MEM/2015

YEAR 2017
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